Shearwater Shannondoah


Bitch - 13/6/96 - grey brindle

Best Puppy and numerous first prizes at Championship Shows.

Shannon's puppies - Pictures of litter born 10 October 2001.
Sire: Ch Shearwater Cae De Sonhas (Sonny)  Dam: Shearwater Shannondoah (Shannon)


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Uniquecottage Gold Harrier
Ch Uniquecottage Tergo-is-Moo Ch Uniquecottage Treecreeper
Uniquecottage Gold Mimosa
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Thimswarra Shuala
Maxmar Treasure Ugadale Reliance of Thimswarra
Rascal of Rustleberry
Thimswarra Sally Free'n'Easy of Shearwater Thimswarra Th'Iron Duke Thimswarra Troubleshooter Ch Monary Something Special
Thimswarra Thirlie
Thimswarra Arquetta Thibidi of Thimswarra
Thimswarra Daniella
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