Other Dogs

A few of our previous show dogs.

Gyp - Thimswarra Raffles

Gyp (Thimswarra Raffles), 1981-1995

Sally (Thimswarra Sally Free'n Easy of Shearwater

Sally (Thimswarra Sally Free'n'Easy of Shearwater)

Shillelagh, Shannon & Pot

Shilloh (Shearwater Shillelagh), Shannon (Shearwater Shannondoah) & Pot (Shearwater Lady Bespotted)

Shearwater Black Gold

Guz (Shearwater Black Gold)

Shyann (Shearwater Shyann de Sonhas)


Shiloh (Shearwater Shillelagh)

Pot (Shearwater Lady Bespotted)

Pot (Shearwater Lady Bespotted)

Casey (Shearwater Casey Jones)

Casey (Shearwater Casey Jones)


Flo (litter sister to Sonny & Jim)

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